About Us

At Ewassa our mission is to help you heal at a deep soul level and thrive as you make your journey through life.

Ewassa was founded by Liz Gómez and is located in Evergreen, Colorado in the forested mountain foothills just west of Denver. The property is just a 20-min drive from the junction of highways 470 and 285. Our 15-acre private property adjoins a little-known Denver Mountain Park to offer miles of uninterrupted nature perfect for vision quests.

We have a ceremonial tipi and outdoor spaces for gathering scattered throughout the property, where we conduct workshops, shamanic journeys and ceremonies related to the healing aspects of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Most events are led by Liz Gomez during the summer months from June through September.

In colder months we offer live online courses, while on-demand courses are available throughout the year. This website (thrive.ewassa.com) was created to host the courses and allow participants to sign up for live events at Ewassa.

To learn more about Liz Gómez or to read some of her blog articles, please visit our other website at https://ewassa.com and feel free to contact us with any questions!

On-Demand Courses

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Healing and Rejuvenation in Nature

Come discover our peaceful mountain forest at live Ewassa events