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Soul Healing Energy Medicine

At Ewassa our mission is to help you heal at a deep soul level and thrive as you make your journey through life. Ewassa was founded by Liz Gómez and is based in Evergreen, Colorado.

In addition to the various classes and events found on this website (and outlined below) we also offer nature-based healing ceremonies and personalized one-on-one shamanic energy medicine for emotional and energetic healing. These personalized healing sessions are an excellent way to clear your energy field, release old traumas and restrictive patterns, and step more fully into living out your life’s purpose.

On-Demand Courses

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Four Elements Healing - Apprenticeships

Small Groups of Two to Four

Apprenticeships are for small groups of people with aligned interests. At least two people per group, and no more than four

Support Between Lessons

We provide ongoing support by phone, text and email as needed between lessons

Practice Requirements

As part of the apprenticeship you will practice holding ceremonies and applying the healing techniques one-on-one with clients

Resources to Learn at Your Pace

Part of the process will include resources that you can study and review to learn at your own pace

Feedback and Assessments

In order to receive a certificate of completion of your training, you will be asked to show and apply what you have learned

Certification of Completion

Receive a certificate from Ewassa upon completion of your training and apprenticeship.

Live Courses