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Learn how Fire, Earth, Water and Air create the Cycle of Life and form the building blocks of our physical world. Discover the rich archetypes, spiritual qualities and manifestations in nature associated with each element, and how to work with them for personal and collective healing.

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This online course is an introduction to the Four Elements and how to work with them for healing and deepening your relationship with nature. 

Class 1: INTRO. Introduction to the cycle of the elements and how to work with the elements for energetic and emotional healing and rebalancing.

Class 2: FIRE. Spiritual qualities of Fire. We’ll explore the spark, flame, focused fire, and crystallized fire including archetypes, ways to identify imbalances, rituals and exercises for harmonizing and strengthening your inner fire.

Class 3: EARTH. Spiritual qualities of Earth. Exploration of dry earth, flourishing earth, healing leaves, mud and clay, including their associated archetypes. We will cover ways to ground, identify earth-related imbalances in one’s life, and rituals and exercises to harmonize your relationship to the physical world and your health. 

Class 4: WATER. Spiritual qualities of Water. We’ll look at the archetypes and spiritual qualities associated with rain, the rivers and waterfalls, ocean and mist. Learn and perform rituals of emotional release, spiritual baths and more. 

Class 5: AIR. Spiritual qualities and essence of Air. During this class we will explore the wind, time, the place beyond time, the skies, and the qualities and archetypes associated with each. Learn to work with your breath to transform your thoughts and release unwanted energies, journey to the upper world, and smudge yourself and your space with various herbs to shift energy.

Class 6: Reading Signs From Nature. In this last class we will explore how to use this new understanding of the natural world to interpret messages from nature for both personal and collective insight. We will also discuss how to maintain balance with one’s inner elements and practical ways that we can each contribute to a more healthy natural world.

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