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Learn how Fire, Earth, Water and Air flow together to create the cycle of life and the energetic foundations for our physical world. Discover the rich archetypes, spiritual qualities and manifestations in nature associated with each element, and how to work with them for personal and collective healing.

This online training course expands upon the concepts presented in the book From the Depths of Creation: A Nature-Based Path to Healing by Liz Beachy Gómez, with additional teachings, nature rituals, guided meditations and soulful explorations to help you deeply experience the healing power of nature firsthand.

This is an excellent deep-dive for anyone wishing to profoundly deepen their relationship with nature and explore the landscape of their soul. The course is also recommended for therapists or healers of all backgrounds seeking to expand their repertoire of healing methodologies.

The course will run from August 14 through December 11. All live sessions will be held on Monday evenings from 7pm – 8:30pm Mountain Time and recorded for participants to access at their leisure.

In addition to the live sessions, the course will also include pre-recorded lessons each week through this online learning platform, and a weekly ritual or introspective exercise to be done at home or in nature. The 1.5 hr live interactive meetings will be held via Zoom to discuss the week’s lessons, answer questions and create space for participants to share their experiences.

Course Curriculum

INTRODUCTION: We will begin with an introduction to the cycle of the elements and how to work with the energies of Fire, Earth, Water and Air for energetic and emotional healing and rebalancing. You’ll learn how to begin a regular elemental balancing practice and establish a solid foundation for communication with nature.

FIRE: In this module we will explore the various aspects of our motivations, passions, drive and focus, and how they affect what appears in our lives. We’ll dive deeply into four energies of Fire and their corresponding archetypes and spiritual lessons, examining our relationship to each. This module includes rituals and exercises for releasing trauma and strengthening our inner Fire.

EARTH: In the domain of Earth we explore how to manifest our dreams, nourish our bodies, practice generosity and interact effectively with the physical domains of body and form. Explore four energies of Earth and their corresponding spiritual lessons and archetypes, and your relationship with each. We’ll practice exercises to stay grounded and centered, healthy and gracious as we progress through life’s earthly cycles. Learn rituals to develop sacred reciprocity with the beloved earth, and tap into guidance from the plant and animal realms.

WATER: Deeply examine your emotional world and learn how to keep your own waters flowing clear and strong. Explore exercises around forgiveness, heart-centered loving tenderness, emotional release and acceptance. Discover the archetypes and spiritual qualities associated with rain, rivers and waterfalls, the ocean and the mist. Learn and perform water-related rituals of emotional release, cleansing, spiritual baths and more. 

AIR: Bring awareness to your thought patterns, beliefs, relationship with time and connection to Spirit. Learn to shift and expand your consciousness while working with the element of Air and winged guides. This module will explore aspects of the wind, time, the place beyond time, the skies, and the qualities and archetypes associated with each. Learn to work with your breath to transform your thoughts, journey to the upper world for guidance, connect with your true essence and align with your deepest purpose.

INTEGRATION: In this last module we will explore how to interpret messages from nature for both personal and collective insight. We will also discuss practical ways to integrate the nature-based healing framework into your daily life, healing practice and community events. 

Course Content


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