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We all have guides who look after us from the spirit realms. They may be loved ones who have recently passed on, ancestors from generations past, angels, or spirit guides who have come to help us fulfill our mission here on earth. Learning who our allies are and how to communicate with them can be life-changing. Our guides are always available to help us, if we ask and know how to listen.

Course Format

This is a live, seven-week class, that will meet via Zoom every Sunday from 4-6pm Mountain Time. Class will begin on January 30th (2021) and end on March 13th.

In addition to the teachings and discussions during the live two-hour class, we will also provide at-home exercises to develop your perception and deepen your relationship to your guides. 

To support the independent learning portion of the class you’ll be able to access class materials on this website and questions or share your experiences with other participants and the course instructor throughout the seven weeks. All live classes will be recorded in case someone is unable to attend or wishes to review what was discussed during class.

Course Content

The course will cover the following topics and experiences:
  • An overview of the domains of Spirit and how different guides tend to work
  • Frequency and resonance between us and our guides, and how to refine your vibration
  • Experience a variety of methods of connecting with spirit guides to find what works best for you:
    • Drumming
    • Dance
    • Meditation
    • Journeying
    • Journalling
    • Nature offerings
    • Music / song
  • How to open sacred space and clear your energy field
  • Journey to meet your guides
  • Journey to meet your healed ancestors
  • Journey to understand the unique specialties of your guides
  • How to appropriately ask for help or advice
  • How to hear without bias / distortion
  • Ethics and limitations when working with spirit guides

About the Instructor

Liz Gomez, founder of Ewassa, will be teaching this course. After living in West Africa in her early twenties, Liz came to understand the important role that ancestors and guides can play in our lives. Her experiences in West Africa helped her begin to make sense of the spirit forms that she had been seeing since she was young. Soon after returning from West Africa Liz discovered the Brazilian spiritual tradition of Umbanda in 1998, and began her development and initiation as a medium of light guides through a temple based in Sao Paulo. As a temple coordinator she then held weekly healing ceremonies for her guides to work with members of the public. She maintains a close relationship with these guides of light to this day.

Liz now works closely with her clients’ spirit guides, who often appear during one-on-one shamanic energy medicine sessions to offer guidance to the client and help with their energetic or emotional healing. It is those experiences that have inspired her to offer this course so that more people can develop a direct line of communication with their own guides and ancestors.


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