The four elements workshop was such a beautiful experience. It filled my soul in all the ways I needed it to. Liz has an incredible talent, energy and authenticity that she brings as a guide. Such a gift to all of us! The space is so refreshing, I really loved the physical movement and transformation that happened throughout the workshop.

Kenzie Strong

Conifer, CO
Shamanic journeying is amazing. It has opened new worlds and helped me understand myself and my life at a much deeper level and get some great advice. Liz helps walk you through the journeys with a lot of support so you get the most out of them. I highly recommend the journeying series.

James Garcia

Denver, CO
I do a lot of journeying as part of my own practice and the journeying series has helped me discover new landscapes, guides and tap into new wisdom. The first series helped me see some painful old issues and finally deal with them. I feel much better and more connected to source now. Thank you!

Ellen Kane

Eugene, OR

Energy Medicine Testimonials

Thank you. I feel amazingly clear and light down to my toes. I feel lighter and young. I was really weighted down by what you took out. So thank you thank you. You are an amazingly very special and very gifted doctor – a powerful healer from ancient times past. I feel humbly grateful for you.

Barbara N

I wholeheartedly recommend Liz’s services! She has conducted several healing sessions for me. Each time, I could not believe how knowledgeable, connected and caring she was in her work. She helped heal a very deep wound in my ancestral line and I was able to connect with my family in ways I have never been able to before. She truly is a gifted healer.

Stephanie S

Liz is fully present and possesses great clarity. She was able to cut cords for me releasing old attachments. My sessions with her have been cleansing and have lightened my spirit. She is a great healer and shaman.

Heather W.

Liz is one of the best shamans I have worked with and I really recommend her as a highly skilled healer. The way she works is very intuitive, full of wisdom and love.

Michael B

I wouldn’t be where I am without the help of you, Liz, and our guides. Thank you isn’t enough. I am so grateful. Working with you allowed me to get myself back. Once I got myself back, I got my life back.

M. Shah

Thank you for making these great classes available. I love that I can access them whenever I want, on my own schedule!

Jane Busby

Halifax, Nova Scotia
The journeys are helping me learn more about myself and start to trust the guidance I get. This feels like the beginning of a new phase of life for me.

Dave Johns

Pueblo, Colorado