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Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Ewassa Evergreen Highlands off N Turkey Creek Rd, Evergreen, CO

Shamanic journeying helps you access deep inner wisdom and find clarity around questions affecting your life. Journeying opens doors to new levels of perception where you can access the domains of Spirit, and guidance around your past, present and future. This workshop is designed to help you learn how to journey for guidance, inspiration and […]


Shamanic Journey: Reclaim Your Power

Ewassa Evergreen Highlands off N Turkey Creek Rd, Evergreen, CO

Join us in the forest for a guided shamanic journey to Reclaim Your Power. Together we will journey into the realms of the Lower World, the place of our personal and collective past. There you will be shown scenes from your life (or even past lives) where you gave away your power, and the people […]


Shamanic Journey: Recharge Your Creativity

Join us in the forest for this shamanic journey to tap into the universal creative energies and recharge your own creative potential. We will journey together through the energetic domains to experience the raw, pulsing creative energy of universe. During this journey you will learn to call creative universal energy into your body and focus […]


Shamanic Journey for Healing Guidance

This shamanic journey will guide you to meet your healer(s) in the spiritual domains - wise allies who can help you heal your body and soul. You'll have the opportunity to communicate with your healers, release old traumas or wounds into the fire, re-energize your body, and choose a new path forward with the help […]