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Live and self-guided courses to help you live a healthy and soulful life

Self-Guided Courses

Four Elements, Guided Meditation

Elemental Meditations

Experience the essence of Fire, Earth, Water and Air through five short guided meditations. Bring your inner elements into balance for transformation, grounding, emotional release and mental clarity.
Spiritual Awakening

Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

We all have guides who look after us from the spirit realms. They may be loved ones who have recently passed on, ancestors from generations past, angels, or spirit guides who have come to help us fulfill our mission here on earth. Begin to learn who your allies are and how to communicate with them in this introductory course.
Shamanic Journeys

Shamanic Journeys for Soul Healing

Heal deep soul wounds, imprints and patterns to live your life more freely and fully. This series of seven shamanic journeys will guide you in rewriting old soul contracts, shedding old stories and patterns and offer gifts to guide you in shifting your life.

Participant Testimonies

I'm so thrilled my friend and I were able to attend the shamanic journeying workshop. Our small group was amazing! I learned much about myself, how nature spirits and animal spirits can offer guidance, and the setting was beautiful. I felt peaceful, safe and serene; weeks later, I feel joyous and have more clarity.

Mystie-Raven Fletcher

Denver, CO
The Four Elements workshop was such a beautiful experience. It filled my soul in all the ways I needed it to. Liz has an incredible talent, energy and authenticity that she brings as a guide. Such a gift to all of us! I really loved the physical movement and transformation that happened throughout the workshop.

Kenzie Strong

Conifer, CO
Liz has done a beautiful job of distilling down a wide topic. I had a lot of vivid visions show up for me, including a new spirit guide. Liz has such a wealth of knowledge from her years of practice. I loved learning how to create offerings and new ways to connect to my guides and feel that my relationship with them is much stronger after taking her course.

Natalie Enterz

Denver, CO
Shamanic journeying is amazing. It has opened new worlds and helped me understand myself and my life at a much deeper level, and get some great advice. Liz helps walk you through the journeys with a lot of support, so you get the most out of them. I highly recommend the journeying series.

James Garcia

Denver, CO
I do a lot of journeying as part of my own practice, and the journeying series from Liz has helped me discover new landscapes, guides and tap into new sources of wisdom. The first series helped me see some painful old issues and finally deal with them. I feel much better and more connected to source now. Thank you!

Ellen Kane

Eugene, OR
Liz has an incredible gift for leading us through sacred journeys. During this [Get to Know Your Spirit Guides] course, my heart opened up, I came away with a sense of trusting myself, my spirit guide, and my life. I was consumed with an overall feeling of love and peace. I highly recommend this course, especially to those living with anxiety or uncertainty.

Natalie Dean

Denver, CO
This [Shamanic Journeys for Soul Healing] series was so well crafted to ensure a great variety of journeys! Great for beginners or for seasoned journey lovers! Liz does such a great job with presenting and guiding through the journeys. Highly recommend!

Samme Sylvis

Denver, CO