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Seven Shamanic Journeys for Self-Healing

Heal deep soul wounds, imprints and patterns to live your life more freely and fully. This series of seven shamanic journeys will guide you in rewriting old soul contracts, shedding old stories and patterns and offer gifts to guide you in shifting your life.

The course begins with an introduction to opening sacred space and guidance on how to create the optimal conditions to journey and access your deep inner wisdom.

Each of the seven journeys includes some orientation and discussion of how that particular journey can contribute to your healing process and what to expect during the journey. There is then an audio file to guide you through the shamanic journey.

The seven journeys included in this series are:

  1. Journey to shed your past
  2. Journey for guidance from a soul healer
  3. Journey to change a soul contract
  4. Journey to a past life
  5. Journey to heal family karmas
  6. Journey to encounter death
  7. Journey into the earth

You will have access to the journeys in this series for one year and you may repeat them as often as you would like.

We recommend repeating some of the journeys every few months to explore additional past lives, rewrite more soul contracts or check in with your soul healer in the domains of spirit. 

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