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Seven Shamanic Journeys to Explore Your Vision and Purpose

This second series of journeys connects you to the upper realms of Spirit where you can meet your guides and angels, envision a positive future for yourself, and better understand the unique gifts and talents that you bring to the world. You’ll receive guidance around how to bring these qualities forth more fully to live a soulful and fulfilling life.

Each lesson includes some orientation around how that particular journey can help clarify your vision for your life and what to expect as you journey. The guided shamanic journeys are recorded on an audio file embedded within each lesson. 

The seven journeys included in this series are:

  1. Journey to discover your spirit animal
  2. Journey to meet your celestial guides
  3. Journey to experience your true essence
  4. Journey to the cave of treasures
  5. Journey to glimpse the future you
  6. Journey to the council of the moon
  7. Journey to embrace your highest destiny

If you are new to shamanic journeying, you are welcome to try it out first by exploring the journey to discover your power animal which you will find unlocked in the “Curriculum” tab above. Please also make sure to see the lesson on opening sacred space before you journey. 

After purchasing this course you will have access to the shamanic journeys in this series for one year and can repeat them as often as you would like.

If you haven’t yet done a lot of self-exploration, we recommend starting with the Journeying Part 1: Soul Healing series to clear out old patterns and create the space for what is to come. This second series will help you embrace your purpose in this lifetime and clarify the vision of your highest destiny. 


by Ellen Kane June 10, 2021

I feel so inspired. I have more confidence in my future and a vision for what I want to manifest. These journeys were amazing!

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